About Us

About Us
KANOJO is an international platform for the sale of women's clothing online. The company stands out from the rest because we produce our clothes using the Japanese “Kanban” method. To avoid waste, we only produce to order.
KANOJO mainly targets Europe and America but also other consumer markets.
The brand was founded in October 2019 and since then it has made it a point of honor to respect its philosophy that "fashion must be accessible to all".
Our mission
KANOJO is proud to offer women and teenage girls the power to shop for the latest trends at reduced prices. The KANOJO team is constantly looking for the best styles and fashions around the world to be able to offer them to you as quickly as possible.
Whether you are looking for a sexy dress, a T-shirt with a pattern, a pretty jacket for winter or an original trendy jumpsuit, KANOJO is the ideal meeting place for fashion fans at low prices.
Our ultimate goal is to deliver the best styles in record time and at rock bottom prices around the world.
Where to find us
KANOJO now delivers to more than 20 countries around the world. Our website is available everywhere. Our packages are shipped from various warehouses located at different strategic points. KANOJO continues to grow, in part thanks to its values ​​and our respect for customers.
KANOJO aims to offer high quality trendy items while offering impeccable service.
PS: find us also on instagram: @ KANOJO.FR